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Get Graphic Workshop

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Session Title  Get Graphic!
Topic  History and English Language Development, Cross-Disciplinary Instruction, Student Engagement
Student Level Secondary Educators
Session Organizer Name  KE Hones

Session Organizer Professional Biography
I have been a teacher-librarian in SFUSD since 1986. I have worked in K-12 school libraries. I also have taught night school classes for high school students & summer school with K-2 moderate to severe Special Education students. Attaining and renewing the National Board Credential has made me a better educator; I analyze and reflect on my teaching, continually adjusting to meet student needs. I have worked as a support provider for National Board candidates at Stanford.

Session Abstract
This presentation will highlight graphic books that focus on history. I work at three continuation schools who have had little or no library programs, research lessons, technology or even books!! With the Get Graphic! Grant students met authors & publishers of graphic history books. Each author tailored his presentation to the specific school & student audience. Then students examined writing, art & production of non fiction graphic books that reflect history from many viewpoints.
Downtown students created a superhero that combats a social issue or problem.  Civic Center topics included the justice system, "how to books" about music, art, acting and environmental issues. At Hilltop, the young moms created graphic books on "How To" about childcare issues, nutrition, healthy pregnancy or design books for their infants & toddlers. Classmates helped peer edit & critique.
The presentation will include graphic book display & bibliography. Participants will have an opportunity to draft a graphic book or superhero!!!

Located one block from San Francisco City Hall, Civic Center Secondary Court School, serves school students grades 7 through 12.  Students from many areas of The City are provided with a middle and high school curriculum  Special Education students are identified as soon as they experience difficulty, allowing the focus to be on intervention rather than remediation. In 2014, for the first time, Civic Center has a school library program. 

Located on a steep hilltop, Downtown Continuation High school overlooks a panoramic view of downtown San Francisco.  Students who have not been successful at traditional high schools find success and self motivation within rich academic settings.  Students have the opportunity to select a project that matches their own interests and learning styles:  language arts/literacy, mathematics, science, history/social science, world languages, and visual/performing arts. In addition Downtown High programs prepare students for the real world, building essential life skills. Service learning is an essential element of the Downtown High School.

Located in the sunny Mission, Hilltop Pregnant Minors High School serves students range from 14-18 and many are learning English as a second language. Young women can start at our school while they are expecting & continue after their baby is born. In 2014, for the first time, we are created a library at the school, a space that includes books & electronic resources for academics as well as pleasure reading for teenagers. We are also including a collection of bi lingual infant & toddler books so teen moms will be able to read to the little ones.



Get Graphic!!

Are you ready to Get Graphic??

View the graphic non fiction display & review four types of historical fiction.

Learn about the Get Graphic! Grant: students at three continuation high schools met authors & publishers of graphic nonfiction books.


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