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Special Collections RAP

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Special Collections RAP: Research, Acquire & Promote


Strategies for special collections for unique students, including pregnant minors, students in juvenile justice system, project based programs



Who: student & school demographics

What's out there

Collection development input from teachers/staff

Special programs=specialized materials

Cultural diversity


Reading level

Variety of formats




District budget

Special site funds

Community resources




Library student service group

Monthly thematic displays

Monthly Newsletters to staff

Booktalk to staff

Authors & speakers (grant funding)

Holocaust Speakers & resources

Save the Frogs

Wild Care

Constitution in the Classroom

Great Books Giveaway

Great Stories Club

Financial Literacy Speakers 

Hip Hop 4 Change Malik Diamond

Hip Hop Chess Federation Adisa Banjoko

Eth Noh Tec Storytelling

Reading Without Walls Challenge 

Youth Rebuild Challenge (Hands)





Participants will examine timelines,collection development strategies, rubrics & reflections for creating new libraries for at risk teens.  URL http://bit.do/c9fD

Participants will learn about community & grant resources to support library  projects.


This workshop will feature a multitude of resources & strategies needed to create a new library for a unique group of students. Attendees will learn how to develop these programs, resources for funding AND discuss applications to their own libraries & students.


KE Hones is a librarian at three continuation high schools in San Francisco: Downtown, Hilltop & Civic Center.  During the 2013-2014 school year, she created brand new libraries at Hilltop & Civic Center. She is a National Board Credentialed librarian & has supported National Board Candidates in San Francisco & at Stanford.



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