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2013 Library Lesson

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the Language Game





The Randall Museum Photojournalism Project
Hilltop Pregnant Minors High  School


Library Lesson/Project
October/November 2013

Background: Hilltop School collaborative project English, Art/Technology/Science, Library
Students (14-18) will plan, research, create & publish an informational brochure. 

Project steps
Students will read & discuss samples of photo journalism 
(Technology teacher provided links for discussion; librarian borrowed books that were  samples of photo journalism)
One lesson was co-taught. 
1. Students discussed samples: what worked; what samples were interesting & why; how would they define  "photo journalism"; make notes of 5 tips or techniques they might use for their project
2. Discussion of field trip to Randal Museum: draft plans of what to look for in museum for their project; what would be helpful (notes for parents with babies, bi lingual, etc)
3. Next steps for field trip & project 

Field trip with five young mothers & babies: goal to look at science & places to take children when they get older
Review field trip & draft ideas for brochure with Technology/Art/Science teacher
Draft written content with English teacher
Format brochure with Technology/Art/Science teacher 
Create 1st draft brochure combining technology layout, photos & writing
Currently students are in the final draft stage of the brochure & plan to publish this semester

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