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Workshops and Conferences

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Workshops and Conference Presentations  

Completed Conferences



Integrated Action Civics Project - Summer Institute 2024

June 10-14, AM Sessions 9:00-Noon, PM Sessions 1:00-3:00. bit.ly/iacp-06-24

Climate Change and Human Rights Wiki Scientists course

McGraw Hill  Teacher Advisory Board High School Ethnic Studies instruction and curricula

Fay B. Kaigler Children's Book Festival  Selecting Global Literacy using large print & audio formats, April 10-12, 2024, Hattiesburg, MS

Eclipse AmbassadorAstronomical Society of the Pacific

Events at K-12 schoolsNature Journal Comminity (virtual) March 2024


CSLA  January 25-28, 2024  Hilton Orange County/Costa Mesa  3050 Bristol St, Costa Mesa 

Jan. 4 Thursday 1-3 pm Bookmaking with Lisa Bishop & Nancy Lucero

Jan. 5 & 6 Friday and Saturday Makerspace with Lisa Bishop & Nancy Lucero

Jan. 7 Sunday 8 am Global Literacy: Using Large Print, Audio & Bookmaking with Reluctant Readers with Nancy Lucero no available room

American History Association Hilton Union Square Jan. 4-7, 2024

IASL Journal January 2024 New Year New Idea; April 2024 Total Eclipse of the Sun



IASL Journal October 2023 The Past and the Future

Movable Book Society Conference Virtual September 28=October 1, 2023  



IASL July 16-22, 2023 Rome, Italy

Mentoring as Professional Service Learning Mentor Workshop

Accomplished Libraries with Nancy Lucero

ALA June 2023 virtual  https://2023.alaannual.org/schedule-at-a-glance


IASL Journal April 2023 Mentoring is Win WIn

CSLA March 2023 Asilomar conference committee



Freedom to Express Fest Lick Wilmerding HS October 22,2022   11:45am- 12:30 pm Make a Book! with Nancy Lucero

Global Literacy Communities (virtual) October 15, 2022  9:45 am Using print and audio to invite reluctant readers into global literacy

International Journal of Information, Diversity, & Inclusion:  review of "Profiles in Resilience."

IASL Journal October 2022 Make a Book and Build a Lesson

IASL Journal July 2022 Engaging Readers in Global Literacy

IASL Conference,  virtual 2-2:50 pm  July 13 2022. Adding Voices: Diverse History of Place

IASL Journal April 2022 Rethink, Research, Replace, Replenish! with Nancy Lucero

Alaska Library Conference February 24-27, 2022  $how Me the Money!! 

CSLA virtual Where Do We Start in Decolonize Our Library Collection, Friday, 2/18 at 11:00-11:45am  Nancy Lucero

Adding Voices: Diverse History of Place, Friday, 2/18 at 2:45-3:30pm



Reforma  November 7, 2021 (virtual) Youth+Voice+Service Poster  Student Service Learning  

Article IASL Newsletter October 2021 Volume 50 #5 Beyond Books

IASL on-line July 13, 2021 3-3:55 pm (1-1:55 PST )  Heal Workshop 

ALA Chicago June 24-29 2021 Posters $how Me the Money Check Out the Chickens

Article IASL Newsletter Volume 50 Issue 1 January 2021 Curating Covid

Article WOW Stories: Volume VIII, Issue 2 Winter 2020
Global Literacy Communities: Building Bridges of Understanding across Cultures  Engaging Readers in Global Literacy

ALA Midwinter Virtual  January 22-26, 2021



Article IASL Newsletter Volume 49 Issue 4 "After March 13, 2020"

Amigos September 23, 2020 for "Like the Ceiling Can't Hold Us: Sharing Innovations in Libraries"
  Heal Help Educate and Learn Workshop

ALA Midwinter Prinz Committee Philadelphia January 2020


Conferences 2019

Great Stories Club Chicago October 2019

ALA Annual Conference, Washington, DC: June 20-25, 2019 GNCRT Committee; Prinz Committee

Union, April 6, 2019 Refugee Stories

Great Stories Club, Chicago Feb. 21-22, 2019 & March 21-22, 2019

NWWHA California, Hawaii, and Northwest World History Associations Feb. 22-24, 2019 Berkeley Memory of Nightmares

CSLA Pacific Palms Feb. 7-10 2019  Refugee Stories Feb. 9 2:30 pm Torrey Pine Room  

and  Student Leaders=Grant Writers Feb. 10 8:00 am Pine Valley Room

ALA mid winter January 25-27, 2019 Prinz committee, Graphic Novel Committee, Trauma panel moderator

Union, April 6, 2019 Refugee Stories


Conferences 2018

Union, October 13, 2018 Student Leaders=Grant Write

Digital District Day August 13, 2018 O'Connell HS Digital Citizenship Survival Kit

ALA Conference, June 21-26, 2018, New Orleans ALA/AASL presentation  Student Leaders = Grant Writers

Sixth Annual California, Hawaii and Northwest World History Associations

Conference, February 16-19, 2018 Seattle Refugee Stories


Conferences 2017

CSLA   Presented Asking Questions/ Finding Answers! & Special Collections RAP

Yale 2017 PIER Summer Institute:  Human Rights: Recognition, Research, and Response - Lesson

Piers Yale Institute

Number of refugees Graphic

We Share Solar Solar Suitcase

Storium Online Storytelling Game

Presidio Japanese American


Lunch in the Library November 9-11 AASL 18th National Conference, Beyond the Horizon Phoenix, Arizon

$how Me the Money ARSL Small & rural libraries St. George, UT Sept. 6-9, 2017 

Makerboxes:Maker Programs in a Box Melendra Sanders

IFLA Global Vision Interactive Discussion Jennifer Pearson  Marshall County Memorial Library Lewisburg, TN mcmlib@bellsouth.net

Clint Lewis

Brandon Mull

Out Of This World Programs on a Down to Earth Budget National Center for Interactive Learning

Space Institute Keliann LeConte Space Science Institute Boulder, CO klaconte@spacescience.org

Sometimes Hearing is Believing Using Oral Narratives to inspire Youth Toward STEM IMLS


Digital Storytelling for Future Generations with Nancy Lucero August 7, 2017 IASL 46th Annual International Conference California State University Long Beach, August 4-8, 2017 program committee

 Student Leaders = Grant Writers CUE SF, Roosevelt MS, April 8, 2017 1:45-2:45 p.m. 

Asking questions? Finding Answers!  CSLA Rohnert Park, CA Feb. 5, 2017

Special Collections RAP CSLA Rohnert Park, CA Feb. 4, 2017


Conferences 2016

1000 Books before Kindergarten T4SJ Mission High, SF, CA  October 8th, 2016  

Get Graphic!  Library Camp August 2, 2016 Santa Clara County Office of Education

 Table Talk - CSLA Media Morsels  April 23, 2016 Fresno, CA  3 grant writing tips; 2 grants to apply for; 1 strategy for all grants  

Show Me the Money$$ SFUSD, SF, CA. January 12 & February 1, 2016  

Get Graphic CSLA, San Diego, CA. February 4, 2016 

Lunch in the Library - Maker Crafts CSLA, San Diego, CA. February 4, 2016 

Show Me the Money$$ CSLA, San Diego, CA. February 4, 2016 


Conferences 2015

Get Graphic- CHSSP-Teaching the Past for Tomorrow Conference UCLA  Friday Nov. 6, 2015

Get Graphic-T4SJ Conference -Challenging a Culture of Violence October 10, 2015 Mission High School, SF, CA.

Project Enable Webinar May 1, 2015 School Librarian presenter: School library support & Universal Design 

 Rock a Bye Reading Agenda Fifth REFORMA National Conference APRIL 2, 2015  Omni San Diego Hotel




Papers accepted but unable to attend Summer 2014:

Drama, Trauma & Teen Readers!  Designing 2 new library spaces & collections for unique groups of at risk teens.  (IFLA Paris, France  August 23, 2014)   May I Help you?  Service Learning in K-5 libraries (IASL Moscow, Russia August 2014)


Project Enable: Team collaboration to differentiate instruction to meet varying needs and abilities, and principles of Universal Design for Learning.  FlipCon14         June 23-25, 2014, in Mars, PA (near Pittsburgh)

Touching History Redux: Integrating primary sources into instruction and using CSLA Feb. 9, 2014 San Diego 

Project Enable: Team collaboration to differentiate instruction to meet varying needs and abilities, and principles of Universal Design for Learning CSLA Feb. 8, 2014 San Diego 



Triple A: Advanced, Accomplished Advocate  AASL 16th National Conference & Exhibition, November 14-17, 2013 in Hartford, CT

Unique as a Fingerprint EdTalk Presentation, SFUSD Administrators July 30, 2013



  CSLA "School Libraries Link Lifelong Learners,” San Jose November 16-19, 2012 

Triple A: Advanced, Accomplished Advocate  Sunday, November 18 

Turkish Delights - recipe for a successful grant Monday, November 19 & 2012 CSLA Leadership for Diversity Award

T4SJ October 9, 2012 Mission High School, SF, CA A Golden Maxim Gardens & Libraries Collaboration



CSLA Pasadena, CA November 11-13, 2011  â€œImagine the IDEAL Team: Information Literacy, Digital Resources, Educators, Advocacy, Literacies.” Magic Touch: Arts, iPods and Working Together - NEA Learning and Leadership Grant 2010 & Good Ideas! 2011  Young Author Festival

AASL Minneapolis, Mn October 27-30, 2011 Exploratorium A Version of the Past - Multicultural Historical Fiction & Big Ideas-Little Money?!? Strategies for Successfully Obtaining Grants  

T4SJ Mission High, San Francisco, CA October 9, 2011; 11th Annual Conference, Teaching for Social Justice: The Power of Community Unique As A Fingerprint: K-5 Student Service Programs

IASL Jamaica August 7-11, 2011 Tuesday August 9 Puppet Dreamsan Ezra Jack Keats Grant Project



CSLA Sacramento November 12-15, 2010 Cryptic Love Letters: Digital Primary Sources & Truth Seekers Today: Students Study Banned Books & Puppet Dreams: an Ezra Jack Keats Grant Project &

A Mirror for America  

Internet Librarian Monterey, CA October 25, 2010 Cryptic Love Letters: 

Teachers for Social Justice Mission High School October 9, 2010 Big Ideas? Little Money?Grant Writing Lunch Presentation & A Version of the Past Mutlicultural Historical Fiction

SSEWBA BWDIK:Someday Soon, Everything Will Be Acronyms But What Do I Know: Exploring Web 2.0 Professional Development  Poster Session. Tuesday March 2, 2010 Washington, DC 



"Embrace the Serendipity of Learning" CSLA Ontario, CA 2009 Big Ideas? Little Money November 20th & A Version of the Past November 20th  

Big Ideas, Little Money COMO XXI Columbus, Georgia October 7-9, 2009  

Big Ideas? Little Money? Grant Writing Friday July 17th 4:15 p.m.      

New Voices, New Visions: Teaching for Tomorrow, Today  NBPTS Conference in Atlanta, Georgia, July 15–18, 2009

A Mirror for America  READING The World XI USF, San Francisco, CA March 27-29, 2009  

ISSA, Tampa, Fla 2009



A Sense of Community CSLA, Sacramento, CA 2008Reading The World,  SF 2008 

California Teacher Association: Burlingame and Ontario, CA 2008

Teacher Action Research ITRC International Teacher Research Conference New York 2008;

A is for Advocacy  IASL  Lisbon, Portugal 2006



CSI: Multicultural Non-fiction AASL Reno, Nv 2007

Social Media, School Libraries and Web 2.0 AASL Reno, Nv 2007 

  Teacher Action Research ITRC International Teacher Research Conference ; Chicago 2007 



 A is for Advocacy   NBPTS  Conference Washington, DC July 2005

Empowering Literacy with Teens IFLA Buenos Aires, Argentina; 2004

CSLA  with student presenters 2004 & 2002 

Touching History primary sources  IASL New Zealand 2000  

Not Extinct  IASL, Vancouver, Canada 1998; 

School Library Programs, Oral History IASL, Worchester, England 1995

CTA, CSLA "Author Programs" 1999;  "Information Literacy Standards", 1997 


Civil rights leader Rosa Parks spoke about poverty and prejudice at San Francisco State University February 22, 1995 Parks, 82, spoke as part of the university's 'Achievers Against the Odds' program.                                                          



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