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National Board Timeline

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Suggested Work Calendar (This is subject to your own decisions about when each entry best fits in your academic calendar.)

Before creating a calendar, be sure you understand the requirements of each entry.  If an entry featuring analysis of student work is the focus, note how many weeks the work spans and plan accordingly.  If you are looking at small group instruction, decide how many lessons you are going to record in a given time span and where that occurs in the year. Given those constraints a suggested calendar may look something like this:



Work to be completed


  • Organize materials for each entry (see session one)
  • Set tentative schedule where each entry best fits in your school year
  • Learn the standards and know how to recognize them in practice
  • Write your first instructional context
  • Practice creating a video


  • Begin collecting student work for entry one and devise a note-taking system for keeping track of the context in which each artifact was created
  • Collect possible accomplishments for entry 4
  • Plan your first video entry and list events you may wish to tape
  • Begin the lesson sequence for the video entry you have selected


  • Have a possible video selected for your entry and a draft of the first sections of the commentary (up to the video analysis section).
  • Plan the second video entry with list of taping events


  • Finish first video entry with analysis of video after making final selection; set aside for later revision
  • Have video selected for second video entry and a draft of the commentary
  • Create a folder for each of the assessment center exercises based on descriptions in your candidate resources. Pull together useful materials for each exercise and continue to enlarge on these resources for the next few months. 


  • Finish the second video entry after selection of the video; set aside for later revision
  • Complete analysis of the student work for first entry and write a draft of the entry
  • Select the documented accomplishments you will feature in entry 4


  • Complete the student work based entry and set it aside for later revision
  • Write the commentary for entry 4
  • Revise and edit other entries

March 1- 15

  • Finish revising and polishing your entries 

March 15 – 30

  • Complete all the cover sheets and forms for submission
  • Assemble the portfolio for submission to NBPTS
  • Double check your work to make sure it is in order

March 31 (or earlier if possible)

  • Ship the portfolio (Be sure to get a confirmation receipt and tracking number!)
  • Celebrate!

April 1- 10 

  • Rest

April 10 – testing date

  • Study the materials you have assembled for the assessment center

Summer after testing is complete

  • Don’t think about this anymore



Please be advised that this schedule is only one possible approach.  Your life and style of working dictate the way you complete the work. The only given is that you create a map for yourself that allows you to get to the finishing point. Do it your way, but JUST DO IT!\


from Stanford Support Program


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