Teacher Reflection on Mural

"The children were really excited about planning and creating the mural.  The muralist was very organized and included most children in the process. At times the classrooms would get very messy but the muralist cleaned up after himself or I would support him in the cleaning activity." 


"For the most part their voices and opinions were respected. Most of the time the children were on task and became very excited when it was time ti create or to put up the mural."


"One group was taken out each week to work on the mural. When the work was finished the muralist thanked them with a cake and juice party."



"I think the muralist could have been more sensitive to the children with special needs.  At times he was "short" and impatient."


"Although he said he worked with different groups of children throughout the city, he didn't seem to reflect an understanding of differences or culture."


"E-mail communication was not clear.  Often neither 4th grade teacher received communication on planning. The muralist communicated with the principal, but not much."


"Finally there was an error in the dedication of the mural. We wanted the mural to reflect the 4ht grade and teachers (especially one teacher who was retiring) but the muralist noted on the tile "2011". It was really impersonal."