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Puppet Dreams notes

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Puppet Dreams!


How will this program add to your normal educational activities?

1.    Students will learn about theater and puppetry as they write and produce mini plays based on the Ezra Jack Keatstitle “Dreams”.

2.    Students will work with small groups to write and act out mini plays, practicing reading, writing, listening and speaking skills.

3.    Lincoln High School Student volunteers will assist with several activities as well as refurbish an old puppet frame.

4.    Library display of student activities and projects will be presented during PTA meeting.


Structure of Proposed Program  Third grade students will participate in Puppet Dreams!!! during 3-5 class visits to the library.  The librarian will plan these collaborative lessons with third grade teachers supporting our literacy curriculum. 




First class: Read Dreams by Ezra jack Keats. Students work in groups of four to discuss favorite parts of the story and then share with the class.


Thinking about Puppet Dreams


Lincoln High School student volunteers will refurbish and paint a puppet frame that the librarian rescued from discard.  They will refinish, paint and use collage to depict seasonal scenes from various Keats titles.


ADD: use wiki to write about puppets, develop play, reflect on process

Puppet Poll


Second class: Students in small groups will brainstorm and write a mini play.  They will create puppets and practice their plays. The whole class will develop a “puppet play” rubric to evaluate presentations.. Lincoln High School student volunteers will assist groups and film activities.


Third class: Students will present plays and use rubric to evaluate each group.  Classes will contribute positive comments and constructive ideas to improve each play. Lincoln High School student volunteers will assist groups and film activities.  They will help 3rd grade students create a short “how to make puppets” film to use with younger students




Library display: Puppets from 70 students will be displayed in the library with and photos of all the project activities.  Students will present their original puppet shows to parents during PTA meeting.

Extending the project:  Later in the year third grade students will be puppet “mentors” and present puppet shows to Kinder, first and second grade classes. They will also teach primary students how to make paper puppets.


Resources: Puppets Here There and Everywhere


Materials   Cost per unit              Total

Puppet making supplies                     $100

Paint for Puppet theater stage           $50

Flip Camera                                           $100

Photos for documentation                           $50.00

Refreshments for puppet events        $70.00

Markers and drawing pencils            $30.00


       Total Cost   $     500.00      * *$500 is the maximum award


Over In the meadow.      
      E KEA Keats, Ezra Jack.  
  Published 1971
  Reading Level: 1.0  Interest Level: K-3  
      E KEA Keats, Ezra Jack.  
  Published 2000
  Reading Level: 2.4  Interest Level: K-3  
Cover image
John Henry, an American legend      
      398.2 KEA Keats, Ezra Jack.  
  Published 1987
  Reading Level: 3.3  Interest Level: K-3  
Cover image
The snowy day      
      E KEA Keats, Ezra Jack.  
  Published 1976
  Reading Level: 3.2  Interest Level: K-3  
Cover image
Whistle for Willie      
      E KEA Keats, Ezra Jack.  
  Published 1989
  Reading Level: 2.8  Interest Level: K-3  
Cover image
      E KEA Keats, Ezra Jack.  
  Published 1969
  Reading Level: 2.9  Interest Level: K-3  
Cover image
Peter's chair.      
      E KEA Keats, Ezra Jack.  
  Published 1967
  Reading Level: 2.6  Interest Level: K-3  
Cover image
      E KEA Keats, Ezra Jack.  
  Published 1973
  Reading Level: 1.2  Interest Level: K-3  



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