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Digital Citizenship Survival Kit

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Digital Citizen Survival Kit


  1. Padlock The padlock is to remind students to set strong passwords and to set up passcode locks on all of their digital devices.   "Lock 'em down" as we like to say in our Digital Citizenship lessons.  
  2. Toothbrush Passwords & toothbrushes are VERY similar.  You never want to share either!! (But it is important to share sswords with parents.)

  3. Permanent Marker Everything that you put online is permanent....even if you hit the delete button after posting.  Odds are someone has retweeted, favorited,  or taken a screenshot of the material if it was questionable


     4. Toothpaste Imagine the information that you are putting online is like the toothpaste coming out of the tube.  Once it is out, it is almost impossible to get it all back in the tube! 


     5. Packet of Seeds Students to think about the "seeds" that they are sowing as they traverse the world wide web.  Could it grow into a bigger problem?  Or is their plant going to be a strong, positive representation of who they are?


     6. Sheet of Paper Take a new sheet of paper and hand it to a student instructing them to wad it up into a ball.  Then tell them to throw it on the ground....stomp on it.  Then have them pick up the piece of paper and  unravel it in front of the class.  Tell the student that ruined the piece of paper to apologize to the piece of paper for destroying it.  After the student apologizes to the piece of paper Tell the students that the piece of paper represents someone‚Äôs heart that has been cyberbullied.  We can apologize all we want, but the emotional scars that remain inside DON'T go away.


     7.  Magnifying Glass A handshake used to be the first impression we would get of a person. Now people start with Google. People are using Google to find out information about us.  What will show up when someone searches you on Google?


     8.  Notebook Tell students to imagine all of the things they do while online.  Now imagine if it were kept in a journal.  Would they be comfortable if anyone could read that journal?








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