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Student Grants 2017 2018

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August 2017-March 2018

Civic Center $8133  (20 completed projects, 4 by students)

Sports  $1784, Manhood $821, Classroom furniture $880


Comfortable Chairs Help ME Focus $239 Student Civic

The current chairs in our class are hard & uncomfortable. They hurt my back. - Raimon

I will be able to relax in comfortable chairs. - Tyson

We would like to get two bean bag chairs & two Lil Duo chairs for our classroom because we only have old, hard chairs now.

I will help the class take turns sitting in the new chairs. -Raimon

If any of the new chairs or bean bags get dirty I will clean then off. - Raimon

We will let all the students in our class take turns and use these new bean bag chairs & soft chairs.-Tyson

We really, really don't like to sit in the old, hard chairs and it makes it difficult for me to focus in class. -Raimon

These will be better chairs and then we will have a choice of which chair to sit in while we work.

When I am comfortable I can focus better on class work. - Tyson


Help Us Play Basketball!!! $591 Student Civic

We need basketballs because we have a team but the balls we have are really old! There are nine players on our team. We try to practice every day even if there is a little rain! We play against other continuation schools in the city but our basketballs are too old to play with!

Jason: I will help organize the basketball equipment for the team. I will make sure that everything is used & taken care of. We will store the basketballs in the counselor's office so they won't get lost or ruined. I will make sure each team member has his socks and sleeve ready to play.

We want to play against the other continuation high school in our city. We know we are the best but right now we can't practice very well because our basketballs are old & have no grip! When we get new basketballs we will practice everyday & be the best team ever!2


C is for COUCH! $228 Student Civic

If we get a couch for our classroom, we can take turns sitting & reading on the couch. -Raimon

We only have desks & hard chairs. The couch will give us a new comfortable place to do some work for class. -Tyson

Sometimes we just need a break from the hard chairs!

I will help the students in class take turns sitting on the couch to read. -Raimon

I will remind students in class not to put their shoes on the couch. -Tyson

We will help our teacher find the best place in our classroom for the couch & help him set it up.

We don't have ANY comfortable places to sit right now in class. When we have a guest they can sit on the couch, too. -Raimon

If someone needs to rest they can sit on the couch, too. -Tyson

When we watch a class movie for school work we can take turns sitting on the couch.


Manhood Project-African American History Books  $168

We need books about Africa & African American culture to read & to learn. We don't have many books now & these will help us & they are good resources for students to be more interested in other thing like history. These books are important to our learning about our culture. -Demere

I will be a leader by showing that reading gets your mind better & it shows our fellow youth how beneficial reading can be in the long run. Everyone needs to learn about Africa & African American history & culture & these books be for all students to read & learn. -Demere

When we get the books I will take advantage of all these books. I will take heed for my learning experiences. All the students need these books because it teaches us something different in history & expands our mind. I will make sure the books are kept in order & that the students know about these new books. Demere


We Need A Couch! $273

I am trying to make the class look better and also be more comfortable for everyone. When my teacher was talking about a couch I thought of the idea to write a grant to get a new couch for everyone in the class. I think our class will really enjoy a couch.

When the couch comes I will help put it together and then I will help find a place to put in our classroom. I will also make sure students do not put their shoes on the couch. I will help keep the couch nice so we all can be relaxing! James

We need a reading area so we can read and chill. Odell

This couch will help all the students to be more relaxed and comfortable and enjoy reading. The couch will really help because we can only sit in hard chairs and the couch will cushion our tush! James

And then our class will be famous for our couch and graphic novels on our bookshelf! Odell


Our Comfortable Classroom $621

I am trying to accomplish that we get a comfortable couch & bigger bean bag chairs. We were lucky that someone donated some bean bags but we are a high school & need bigger bean bags!! We need a couch for our circle so we can be relaxed when we talk in the circle. -Keshaun

I have been helping the class decorate & helping with arrangements. The class choose me to write this grant. I wrote this because I agree we should be able to be comfortable while we work & get our education. I will make sure to arrange the new couch & bean bags in our classroom. -Keshaun

This project is important because we do projects and we don't want to do them because we are not comfortable! But if we get a comfortable couch & bean bags to sit on & work on it will be way more better & really helpful to us for our education. -Keshaun


Reading Nook

I am trying to convince donors that our class is very wild and doesn't have all the comfort to satisfy every student. I Feel like if you can help provide comfortable reading seats we will enjoy coming to school. We will be able to relax & feel safe when not feeling well. The reading nook will also provide a way to stress relief when feeling stressed. -Myckel

I will research every product to make sure we get quality items at the best prices! I will look for interesting books so they aren's horrible or books that will never be touched.

I will set up/help set up the furniture so it is set up together and will be helpful for students to do work. - Myckel

We need something that brings the whole class together in a positive way. Also it is very, very uncomfortable to sit on the old, broken, wooden chairs in our classroom. It will be very, very relaxing to be able to sit on comfortable seats when we are trying to chill. - Myckel





Soccer into SPACE! $618
The Importance of Bees! $178
Sister Project 2018 $171
Manhood Project - Media $179
3Doddler 4 Good  $817
Coding Plus Robots Equals Homework $769
Calm, Quiet & Fun Learning!! $413
The Manhood Project $288
The Manhood Project - Exploring  $183
Robots R Us! $307
1 Block at a Time!! $504
LittleBit in the Library $527
Map for Black Against the Empire! $468
Stories to Remember and Never Forget!  $434
Make Your Own Rules!  $426
City Hummingbirds! $218
Outdoors + Balls = SportsMatter  $575


Downtown $2347 (4 projects, 2 by students)

1)    Roadrunner Shoot Hoops! $1029 Student  Downtown


I want students to come together & have fun. As the team captain, I will make sure that the team works hard, play hard & WINS!!!

Each player will have a new basketball to practice with. Our new backboards will teach us to shot for baskets. We will practice & practice! -Trey

I am the captain. I will lead the team & I will have team members help keep the basketballs in good condition. We will make sure they are clean and have enough air in them. We will make sure our sports equipment is kept in good condition for future teams, too.

Right now we don't have backboards that work & only a couple sad basketballs. We want to basketballs so we all can practice & then WIN. Our team has works hard at practice & with the new balls & backboards we will just get better. Roadrunners will score the winning basket! -Trey


2)    Be a Hitter! Ace the Ball!! $672 Student Downtown


We want to have volleyball at our school but we don't have any equipment. We learned some volleyball terms, like it is ok to be a "hitter" during volleyball (but not in regular school!!! If we get this equipment we will be able to learn all about volleyball.

We will work hard to let people know about this grant (even our teachers!) When we get all the volleyball equipment & the jump ropes we will help find a safe place to store everything. We will take turns setting up the volleyball nets & teach some other students to help, too.

Everyday a lot of students just stand or sit around during lunch. Some students work in the garden but it is small so only a few kids can go there. Some of the students play with some old basketballs but most of us don't have much of a chance for activities like jump rope & volleyball. With these supplies we will become more active & fit!!! Thanks


3)    Plant It! Grow It! Eat It! $300 Downtown

4)    Seeds+Garden=Healthy Food! $346 Downtown



Hilltop $811 (2 projects)

Treasure Baskets & Early Literacy  $546  Hilltop

Treasure Baskets 4 Kids! $265 Hilltop



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