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Superhero for Social Justice

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Superhero Lesson


Pre Lesson (Curriculum-Current Events/Problems)

Ask students the following questions

  1. What social justice issue/problem is your superhero trying to solve?
  2. Why is this problem important?
  3. List 3 specific examples of where you’ve encountered the problem, in your own life, in the news, experiences of others, etc.


Field Trip Library

  1. Display for Unleash Your Power
  2. Research on social justice issue/problem


Lesson (Curriculum-critical thinking, group work, writing, listening, speaking, art)

  1. Students will review & list problems (chart paper)
  2. Students will use Superhero planning sheet to record superhero NAME & briefly fill in as many boxes as they want to: Motto, Symbol, Backstory, Weakness, Archenemy, Costume, Portal, Superpowers, Street persona, etc.
  3. Students will briefly discuss their superheroes in small groups providing feedback & suggestions to each other.
  4.  Students will decide to work as partners, teams or alone & create their superhero using craft paper, drawing, magazine pictures, etc. (if not finished students can complete during next class)


Lesson (Curriculum-oral discussion, writing using prompts, note taking & critical thinking, reflection)

  1. Students will read & discuss Suggested Outline for Superhero Artist Statement
  2. Using sentence starters, students will write a brief 5 paragraph paper.


Gallery Walk (Display, peer & self reflection)

  1. Students will display their superheroes & their artist statement for a Gallery Walk
  2. Students will choose 5 superheroes to take notes on & respond on Gallery Walk chart
  3. Students will complete 3 reflection prompts.




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