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Teen Library Advisors

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DRAFT ideas

 teen participation can build a vibrant scene where teens use computers, listen to music, take cooking classes, do homework, participate in books clubs, and generally hang out.  

“Teens want a place that welcomes them; they want a role in decision-making, a place that responds to their needs, where they can congregate, socialize, and have a relationship with adults that care about them, who are not their teachers or parents," says Jennifer Velásquez, Coordinator of Teen Services for the San Antonio Public Library System (TX), 

practical strategies for giving teens the lead in developing high-appeal collections and services

lectures, readings and interactive assignments

the insights of teens to create an online presence that is both relevant and effective



Identifying and overcoming possible internal and external barriers to teen library programming including lack of funds, and organizational resistance

How to position teens for success in program development and implementation

Designing teen-friendly library spaces

Developing, maintaining, and displaying your collection for teens

Publicizing your library effectively with social media and the web

Motivating teen volunteers

Developing library policy that works for teens, by teens

How to demonstrate positive results to library administrators, board members, city officials, community members, and other stakeholders through high-impact, low-cost methods such as photos, videos and teen comments



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