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Squash Book

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Squash Book Tutorial


Squash Book Tutorial

!The squash book can be made to fit into your palm and open up to a large spread!




Materials Required to make a squash book

  • 3 Squares of paper- of the same size
Size of the squares- Your folded squash book will be half the width of your square
Thickness of paper- as thin or as thick as you want!

  • Glue
  • Ribbon/Magnet or Velcro or anything else you can think of to hold your squash book folded
How to make a Squash Book
Fold the 3 squares in half vertically and horizontally and along one diagonal.Use the template picture below as a guide to the folds.[Its easy -don't get fooled by the terminology to think its difficult]


Squash book template


Align the squares as  shown.


Squash book template


The outer two squares should have their folds in the same way while the central square should have the folds in the opposite way while you lay them on top of each other.


Squash Book Template

Stick on both the end squares on top of the central square at the place they overlap.

Fold as shown. If your folds are correct you won't have any problem to squash it otherwise you can rework your folds and still get a gorgeous Squash book!
Fold in the lower inner panel of your outer square towards the center  square as shown


Squash Book Folding 1


Fold in the upper inner panel of the outer square towards the central square like you did above


Squash Book Folding 2


Fold the other outer square in the same way and now you have a shape as shown


Squash Book Folding 3


Fold in the lower and upper central folds of your central square and your Squash book is ready!


Squash Book Folding 4


You can hold the squash book folded with a ribbon[like we did], magnet or a Velcro strip.





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