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Superfood Cook4Teens

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Civic Center Superfood Cook4Teens

Timeline with completion date

January 2016 Introduce project, demonstration lesson, students develop project guidelines, rubrics &  reflection forms

Feb-March 2016 Students work in garden, composting, & cooking in science class

April 2016 Students select fresh produce & research healthy recipes in the library; then cook in science class

May 2016 Taste test-students display recipes & invite other classes to try healthy snacks prepared from the school urban garden!!

Goals: Promote healthy eating choices using fresh garden produce that students prepare & cook


Students will grow organic produce in our urban school garden

Students will learn about compost, soil amendments and other garden science

Students will research & cook healthy snacks


  • Before school every morning, students work in our small urban garden, carefully weeding, composting & watering.  
  • When the food plants grow our students will harvest & learn to cook nutritional snacks (using our library cookbooks!)
  • With a new cooking supplies in our science class, students will learn nutritional facts, basic food preparation, reading recipes & measuring ingredients, cooking safety & how to enjoy healthy snacks!!  
  • Students will be encouraged to experiment with fresh ingredients & write their own recipes.  
  • We will collect & publish student recipes to share with future classes. Two teachers & over 50 students will participate this year. The cooking appliances, supplies & library cookbooks will be used by many future science/garden/health classes, too.


$40 Slow Cookers (2)

$75 Microwave Oven

$125 Mini Refrigerator

$75 Basic Kitchen utensils/83 piece starter set

$20 Organic herbs & spices

$165 Cookbooks for library


Students will keep a garden & recipe journal

Students will write directions for using garden & cooking supplies. 

Students display recipes & invite other classes to try healthy snacks prepared from the school urban garden!!



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